6 Best Interior Décor and Painting Ideas That Are a Must in 2019

6 Best Interior Décor and Painting Ideas That Are a Must in 2019

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To paint is not just about coloring a wall, it is an art introducing magic in your room/ home with one or multiple colors along with other things. To enlighten up a room, you need to add a few other things.

Like we humans accessorize to add value to our get up, in the same way it is important to accessorize a room. Matching curtains, contrasting sofas and sophisticated artwork are some home accessorizing elements.

Here are some exotic home décor and painting ideas of 2019 that will charm up your home interior.

The roof matters

Keeping the ceiling simple and plain has been trend for long, but not in 2019. This year is all about making a statement.  Adding color to your ceiling will make your room more spacious. You can either use the ceiling as an accent wall or as color blender wall.

Most importantly, you need to remember the 10-30-60 percentage to divide your paint job accordingly. Typically, in painting a room, 60 percent of paint is used in painting the 4 walls, 10 percent for the ceiling and the remaining 30 percent on the edges and detailing.

Textures and patterns

Adding character to your room is a must this year. You need to make things stand out my simply indulging the art of textures and patterns. For example; add a bit of depth in your kitchen by choosing textured titles for the walls below the cabinet or on the back splash.

Similarly, patterned painting idea works great in bedrooms and living rooms. You can either opt for a pattern of lines that spread on all walls or go for a one wall statement pattern paint colors.

Bold shades

Though nude shades are a people’s favorite this year, but loud and bold colors have their own place. As a wall painting ideas, you can create an accent wall with a bold color, like navy blue, mustard yellow or any other color from brighto paint color collection.

To make it bold and simple, you can incorporate bold colors your interior home décor. A great way could be by selecting blood red cushions on a settle nude gray sofa.


“Less sheen, more sophisticated” is the home décor mantra of the year, and that is why velvet fabric has been a famous choice in home décor and accessorizing. Maybe it is because of its smooth furry feel or maybe the chic glamour look.

But there is no doubt, that velvet gives all colors a bright bold profile. So, if you want to add a bold look in your room without a loud color, choice velvet to furnish your room. However, you need to be very careful in using velvet.

Too much of velvet in one place can give your room a suffocating and heavy ambiance. Especially in places where the climate is hot, it is advice not to use velvet furniture.

Element of earth

Bring nature to you home may seem like a gardening tip, but in 2019 it is about incorporating nature to the interior of your home as well. People nowadays are all about small apartments and cozy places, and that is why we see less of green around us.

So, this year interior decorators are emphasizing on adding nature to your home décor. Add a small pot plant on the center table or maybe hang some in the window of your balcony. You can also keep a big pot plant in the corner of your living room. Tip: plants contrasts very well with almost all paint colors.

Pastel colors

The soft and soothing shades of pastels have created a balance in the bold home décor and painting ideas of 2019. Not everyone likes loud shades, keeping this in view interior decorators have made pastels also a famous choice this year.



To get a great look you do not always need to get a big change. All you need to do is make smaller valuable changes and this effort itself will make a huge difference. Start your home décor renovation by changing small things, one step at a time.