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our colorful history

The road to success begins with a vision which, derived from a single idea. A vision to develop a paint company in Pakistan, a brand which delivers products of international quality standards and state of the art paint development techniques, to relinquish the gap between the international production and supply of paint in Pakistan and be a market leader in all aspects of development in paint.


The stone setting of this vision was the birth of Pakistan’s first paint production company, Brighto Paints in 1973 at Saeed Park, Shahdara, Lahore, established by Mr. Kh. Riaz Ahmed Sikka. Mr. Sikka’s journey holds no introduction, for his resilience and business intelligence is the result of a market leader today. His company’s inaugural production was of Synthetic Enamel paint, the first for Pakistan with production design which is followed still after 3 decades.


His continuous efforts resulted in enormous success and the establishment of a new production plant in 1981 at Majid Street, Bara Dari Road, Shahdara, Lahore. The facility included commendable production facility and techniques and innovative methods to produce high quality products. The same year was the start of production of water based paints. This was a revolutionary step towards industrializing the paint industry on a large scale. Pakistanis had the distinct opportunity of now purchasing locally produced, international standard paints.


The journey of Brighto Paints took a new turn in the establishment of Pakistan’s first Alkyd Resin Plant, under the name of Sikka Enterprises in 1989 by Mr.Kh. Riaz Ahmed Sikka as a sister concern of Brighto Paints. This gave birth to quality in oil based paint manufacturing for Brighto Paints. The Alkyd Resin plant was designed to process soya bean, vegetable oil and other such additives to produce alkyd resin a significant raw material for oil based paints. The quality of the paint depended heavily on the quality of the alkyd resin. This established some serious goals and aims in the management’s minds to enhance their quality and offer serious competition to international paint suppliers. The diversity of products was key to the success of Brighto even then, which today it holds no comparison to, in the market saturated.

"Under the watchful eye of the father of Brighto Paints Mr. Kh. Riaz Ahmed Sikka, Who spared no effort in establishing this company’s road and pillars to stand high on, Brighto Paints was made to stay. Like a legacy the ownership of responsibility has to shift generations, From father to son, from son to grandson."


In the year 2000, Brighto Paints placed the mantle of its business presence in the market by becoming a private limited firm under the company’s ordinance act of 1973.


Opening new horizons, Brighto Paints took a glorified step towards global operations by launching export to Afghanistan in 2004.


In 2005 Brighto Paints relocated to Raiwind Road and established its new plant according to international standards. An in-house Resin Plant was also developed here to produce water and oil based paints within same facility. The new plant is ISO certified, has won various awards and accreditations and is automated to meet the market demands including the gallon design technology.


With a vision to become a market leader, Brighto Paints institutionalized it self 2007 and established an in-house marketing division. The division revolutionized the identity, image and market exposure of Brighto Paints.


Never compromising on quality, in 2011 Brighto Paints was the first paint company in Pakistan to achieve International Quality Crown Award in Gold Category by Business Initiative Directions in London.

vision & mission

Brighto Paints aims to achieve long term relationships with it’s internal and external customers.Our vision is to become a global brand spreading over continents all over the globe. We thrive to satisfy our customers to their most specific needs and requirements. We deliver products with both quality and technicality advantage over other products in the market.

It is through efforts like such that we continuously build upon our relationships with both customers and dealers. Client and dealer relationship is also one of our primary objectives, ensuring confidence and satisfaction. We pride ourselves on continuous direct customer communications to understand their changing need for new product development. Our goal is total customer satisfaction through understanding our customer’s current and future requirements and emphasizing quality and services.


evolution of brighto logo

The Brighto identity also went through a few changes during its young age. Over the years we came to see some creative identity from Brighto the story of the Brighto logo started in 1973. The first logo was a seal of Brighto.

Like in the olden days when a king wanted to send a formal communication; he will either mark it with his ring impression on hot wax poured on the letter fold or have a separate seal which signified the authenticity of that message. This seal was a sign of Brighto’s quality and standard in its products. The authenticity depicted dedicated services, production capabilities and outreach to customers.This Logo lasted for 2 years.

This logo itself was very pleasing to look at, containing 4 base colors but not the basic black and white. It served as a representation of colorful options for customers to have. The changing times kept the Brighto team on its toes as the media influenced population and the media boom requires any industry, corporation or business to keep its image fresh, memorable and time friendly. Or one can be left behind. This logo served for 25 years, the longest time on the Brighto Paints stationary. By 2000, looking forward as always and keeping up with the market and corporation growth, Brighto Paints changed its logo into a very corporate typo using the O signifying the oil bucket with a rich colored yellow dripping out.

Many would argue with the pleasant soothing image it was, but as we know in marketing if you’re not leading the market, you end up following it. This logo lasted for almost 8 years. In the year 2008 Brighto Paints registered and envisioned its standing trademark of the letter B in a bid to adapt to new media especially the digital media.

This new logo is a trademark with a color gradient and a colorful paint spill on top. In no time, the recall value of this logo became significantly noticed, on shop signs, bucket designs and advertisements everywhere, due to the influx of an in-house marketing team, this logo and its representation showed uniformity and a corporate look. To date Brighto plans to keeps this logo as its identity for a long time to come.


The company has highly qualified technical staff comprising of Engineers, M.Sc, B.Sc. professionals.
Brighto Paints (Pvt.) Limited is certified by ISO 9001 and International Quality Crown which proves its quality beyond doubts.

Over 35 years, Brighto Paints (Pvt.) Limited, has grown significantly in Pakistan and today it stands known as “The Paint of 21st

quality policy

We are committed to provide the highest level of decorative paint production, supply and service on consistent basis to meet
our customer’s requirements. Our quality system is the supporting mechanism for implementation of this commitment and
forms the basis for cost-effective operation and continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers.

Our policy encompasses our customers, suppliers, employees, and other sectors of community on all issues of quality, safety,
health and the environment. We believe that by implementing constantly improving our quality system, Brighto will enhance its
leadership position in its served markets. Our motto is the best quality and services at an affordable price at the doorsteps
of our valuable customers.

certifications & accreditations