12 Years of Brighto Supporting Team Green Brighto Paints

12 Years of Brighto Supporting Team Green

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The inception of ‘Brighto Sports’ comes from the long standing association of Brighto Paints with cricket, which qualifies as the most popular sport in all of Pakistan. Ever since 2009, the brand has affiliated itself with all major tournaments that put the Pakistani cricket team to test.



Major Sponsor for over a decade:

Having sponsored various tournaments since 2009, such as PSL, Pak v. NZ, Pak v. Zimbabwe etc, we have actively supported and contributed to the success of our boys in green. World cup season is a world within a world and makes cricket the unifying factor for Pakistani masses.

Cricket is Our LOVE:

The cricket culture within this world encompasses togetherness, jazbat, junoon, and pure patriotism. We are all well acquainted with the nervousness that went behind Mohammad Amir’s deadly bowling, the nail biting moment when Afridi raised his bat, and the pride surrounding the record centuries made by Ahmed Shahzad. The passionate vuvuzela that resounds from the audience when Chaacha Cricket hypes them up is an indicator of the energy carried by both cricket lovers and those who don’t normally watch cricket, alike.

Keeping the Spirit of Cricket Alive:

Brighto wishes to reinvigorate the love for Pakistan through cashing on to the cricket culture and endorsing it to remind people of the significance that sports holds for us as a nation. By keeping you up to date with recent events in the world of cricket, Brighto is providing an opportunity for people to stay informed and refresh their memory of intense cricket matches from the past. This is to invoke Pakistani regard for cricket, which might have been forgotten when matches were paused due to the inconveniences caused by COVID-19.