Food for Professional Minds: Add Innovation to Broken Chairs Brighto Paints

Food for Professional Minds: Add Innovation to Broken Chairs

Category: Reusing and Recycling, Date: 30 Mar, 2020 / Share Post:

Go green with smart upcycling ideas and bring a new life to old chairs either it’s about the leg or the back of the chair, everything is useful for a creative mind. This article is serving as a source of food to the professional mind’s innovation.

Let’s see, how?


Antique Wall Holder

So, wanna add to your heritage collection? If you have an old chair’s back, you need a hook to enhance the grace of a place. Don’t forget to hook bread pans to transform the chair’s back into a holder.


Flower Pot Holder

If you are left with the top of a spindle chair, then you can transform it into a flower pot organizer; just add 3 hose clamps with screws and amaze your eyes with a perfect storage display.


Folding Chair Chalkboard

Now, the folding chairs, which allow the crafting minds to do wonderful experiments. All you need is a medium-density fibreboard, covered in chalkboard paint and this would be replaced with the defaced frame of the chair. Hurrah! Here is a standing message board ready to greet party guests.


Bench in French Style

This type of bench usually made with wooden area in the center and sides of vintage chairs which is a best place to regain the energy and relax by enjoying sunny day.


Garden Flowerpot

The chair that is misplaced from when turned into a rustic flowerpot is the best thing to make the porch area more attractive.


Hanger for Picture

By adding a small piece of cloth with pins on the hanger and hanging it on the topmost place at the back of an old bar chair will shows a vintage look for displaying family pictures.


Old Chair as a Swing

A backyard is incomplete without a swing. Just use an old moving chair into something exclusive as a swing.


Storage in a Jar

Mason jars are perfect DIY for your storage of buttons or shells, then attaching them to old or broken legs of chai with wires give a unique effect.