Assistance for Professionals: 52 Ways to Organize A House Brighto Paints

Assistance for Professionals: 52 Ways to Organize A House

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To organize home is quite a difficult task for people nowadays. There should be some planning or any idea to decor homes.

Following steps ensure perfect organization of the home.


  1. Create mealtime, garments, children assignments and school bags for tomorrow the previous night.
  2. Assign specific area for handbag, briefcase, and mobile.
  3. Plan a menu for breakfast a night before and prepare the crockery for it.
  4. Create a task list for tomorrow and arrange the tasks according to their importance.
  5. Make sure you have a full tank of fuel to avoid the hassle of going to the fuel station in the morning.
  6. Make a punctual work schedule for the family and make sure everyone follows it.
  7. Set the clock 10 to 15 minutes ahead, if your family is behind schedule on a daily basis.


  1. Purchase a tub to place accessories in on place in an organized manner.
  2. To organize bathtub, place shampoos, soap and body wash in shower containers.
  3. Keep the shower doors dry and clean, and dry by using a water squeegee to dry them after wash.
  4. Attach a magnetic bar in medicine closet and scissors, nail cutters, etc.
  5. Organize decorative magazine racks by adding new magazines
  6. Discard unwanted items in the bathroom.
  7. Roll up towels and place in decorative baskets.
  8. Place hooks behind the bathroom doors or on walls for hanging towels etc.
  9. Use jewelry boxes to arrange for hair accessories, makeup, etc.
  10. Install a shelf on the top of the toilet for placing extra.
  11. There should be a clock in every bathroom for punctuality.


  1. Donate unwanted item and sort important items in bags. Arrange garments according to seasons. Arrange all the garments according to the frequency of use. Recycle all unused hangers. Scarfs can be placed in specific scarf racks.
  2. Place a shelf for the shoes in order, and old shoe boxes can be recycled. Place hooks in closets to hang different items. Vacuum seal all useful clothes for storage.

Kid’s room:

  1. Install a hanger in the kids’ rooms to arrange different clothes. Place clothesline or mesh hammock to place toys and artwork. Organize books by adding bookshelf in the room.
  2. Place alarm clock in the kid’s room to keep them punctual and teach the kids the importance of being on time. Make sure the batteries in the alarm clock are charged.


  1. Arrange the cabinet and drawers into different portions according to the crockery.
  2. Group food and eatable items in kitchen store room. Assign a basket for all the readymade packets of gravy and sauces on a kitchen shelf. Use the spice rack to organize spices. Place all containers in one drawer. Place only daily use items on the countertop. Store utensils and other items in the pantry.
  3. Create a book or binder for collected or clipped recipes. Reuse plastic bags for shopping rather than buying new bags. Keep refrigerator organized and clean. Remove all unwanted or rotten items.


  1. Ensure everything has a specific place in the house. Every family member should be taught to create home neat and not to disorganize the home. Wastebaskets should be present in all rooms. Baskets should be placed on tables to place remote controls etc. cleaning supplies should be placed on a specific shelf in every room. Place baskets in a room to store toys. The family should organize their specific rooms for few minutes before dinner.
  2. Create a proper and detailed grocery list with specific categories. Shop online according to convenience. Organize daily mail and discard unwanted and old mail daily. Place a power strip as a home base for all of your rechargeable items. Label the electronic items.