A Creative Guide for Professionals to Repurpose Crib Bumpers Brighto Paints

A Creative Guide for Professionals to Repurpose Crib Bumpers

Category: Reusing and Recycling, Date: 10 Apr, 2020 / Share Post:

We all know about the precautionary measures and warnings regarding crib bumper pads which are about to stay away from such bumper pads. Despite all, still, the famous baby brands and shops are completely stocked with such bedding sets.

Talking about the solution, the primary and the best solution is to avoid such pads in the crib. But in case that if there is such particular bedding package, then what to do with the extra one? That unused piece of bumper pads. As such pads are not cheap so one cannot even think of wasting them. Here are some of the ideas b which one can utilize such pads in a very useful manner.


  • Such bumper pads can be used on the crib rail as it could be useful because a baby could swallow the paint and wood of the rail so such bumper pads could be used by crafting them over the rail.
  • They can also be used in home decoration by placing them over the frame of the curtains which gives a unique and pleasant touch in the decoration of home.
  • Such bedding can be as used as pillow covers for kids, and one can find its various useful purposes while using it.
  • Kids usually play with toys specifically with blocks and these blocks could be pointy and could not be kid friendly. For this purpose, one can use this particular bedding by giving them a shape of soft blocks which could make the game pain free.
  • Other than this, these bedding can be used for various purposes such as it can be used as soft cover or cushion which could be placed in the living room and would add more beauty to the decoration of home.
  • When a baby is all grown up one can use or utilize the beddings in the form of body pillow, or it can be used in wall arts which may give a unique and different touch to the home decor.