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Meet the Designer ( Landmark Consultants (Pvt) Ltd )

Landmark Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

Landmark was established in Lahore in 1982. With its nearly 35 years’ experience, the firm has grown to serve increasingly diverse and extensive clients in both public and private sectors. Historically, we focused on residential design and construction. Gradually different commercial and cooperate design came to represent the bulk of the firm’s work. As a result, Landmark has developed numerous multi-storey buildings, cooperate and retail centers across the country.

In the last several years, the firm predominately focused on commercial office, retail and other sectors with a focus on construction and design project delivery techniques.

Recently, our practice is growing, and Landmark is producing more multi-unit building, residential units, and institutional work. The increase in the participation in public sector projects is the recent trend buoying Landmark’s growth.

Recent staff additions have the firm to offer the clients now with interior design and office space planning services. With our past services, we can provide clients with the best architectural help available in Pakistan.

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