Are you Ready to Add a Distinctive Look to Your Home?

Are you Ready to Add a Distinctive Look to Your Home?

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There is no other heaven on earth like home sweet home. After a hectic day of work, all we need is the comfort of home sweet home. Home gives us the feeling or makes us believe that we belong to it. It provides us with the sense of coziness, makes us feel relaxed and forget about all our worries and tensions.

The décor of our home determines a lot because the feeling we get when we enter our home affects our mood and behavior. So wisely decorate each corner of your home in such a way that gives you the sense of comfort. It’s not mandatory to decorate it with expensive ornaments or articles etc. You can make it cozy by only using paint in different ways. You can consider brighter options for your home to look comfortable and it can be done only with the help of bright paint colors.

  • Add dark colors to the ceiling and light colors to the walls; this will give you the blend of both shades. Going for light and dark shade, especially dark on the roof will create warmth in the room. Also, this approach is advised for cold areas.
  • Likewise, you can add a decent color to one wall and can keep other walls in white or pale color. This way the interior will give airing and refreshing feel.
  • Also, you can go for the textured look on walls to give it an artistic look. That can be striped in two colors, patterns or abstract art depending upon the time of the person you are.
  • For walls, you can go with matt look and glazed depending upon your personality.
  • If you are a book person, take a quiet corner in your lounge or bedroom, paint the edge in subtle colors like sky blue or the colors that give a soft look.
  • If you like dark colors, then use them in areas like lounge, hallways, lobby or entrance but use them on single walls to give a dramatic look.
  • For bedrooms, to give them a romantic or dramatic ambience, use dark colors like blood red or shade of plum and put warm lights to create an ambiance.
  • For the exterior, use neutral colors on the fence on the lawn as it gives a soothing view of the green grass.
  • To give the exterior a Victorian look, add chocolate brown or dark brown color to the window panes, doors and neutral colors like white, pale and ivory on walls.
  • Also, you can make one wall bright or dark on the outside, to break the symmetry.


Remember whatever colors you choose, do it according to your personality. Let’s say if you are a quiet person then stick to neutral and soft colors. However, if you are the lively person, go for dark colors but remember too much of light will drag you and too much of dark will make you feel congested. So keep a balanced ratio between the two.

Happy decorating!!!