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Who painted the future of Pakistan’s paint industry Bright and Green? It’s Brighto! Recognized for commitment to quality, leadership, technology and innovation, Bright Paints represents success for Pakistan in the business world.  A leading Paint Manufacturer & the Only Multinational Paint Company of Pakistan, Brighto has not only touched Pakistani’s hearts with just the colors but also with the jazba & junoon that unites the Country, CRICKET!

Ever since 2009, Brighto has affiliated itself with all major cricket tournaments Pakistan has been a part of such as PSL, Pak v. NZ, Pak v. Zimbabwe etc., ‘Brighto Sports’ is an outcome of that perfect love story between Pakistanis & the cricket. The loud frenzy screams, that crazy support for the teams, those nail-biting moments & a century’s pride & gleam, family squabbles, friends’ bets & heartaches, all these feelings is what Brighto Sports encapsulates.

The long standing relationship of Brighto with Pakistan Super League (PSL) has added exuberance to the cricket realm and actively supported & contributed to the success of our Boys in Green. Having millions of dedicated fans from home and abroad, the league is a big crictainment that keeps the zeal and zest alive among the Nation.

Being the ‘Gold Sponsor’ of PSL 2021 as well, Brighto is yet again all set to flare up the spirit of passionate fans and inflating the Pakistaniyat within them.