Chalkboard Paints

Chalkboard Paints

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Painting the doors of an unfinished or repurposed armoire from inside will create a personalized place of fun for the children. By utilizing chalkboard as paint makes a creative and fun area for your children, but only if you can hide the place once the fun time is done.

Every painting project needs the finest finish for which priming and surface preparation is crucial so that it can last for many years.

You can find Chalkboard paints accessible at several paint associated companies and franchise centers. The prime colors are green or black, while very few stores offer other shading colors for which online purchasing will be very helpful.

Things that are essential:

  • A repurposed or unfinished armoire
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood filler
  • Primer
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint roller and brush


Steps to follow:

Step 1 – Preparation of Surface:

  • Start with making the glossy area of wood dull by sandpapering with average (#120) grit garnet paper; do wear dust mask eye protection, work gloves, and eye protection.
  • Then fill the left scratches using wood fillers; let it dry.
  • Casually grit the whole place that to be coated using fine (#220) sand garnet paper, and then dust it off with some clean strips.
  • To get smooth chalkboard finish make sure to clean all wood fibers and dull.

Step 2 – Process of Priming:

  • Priming is needed to guarantee stain blocking, gloss sheen or sheen uniformity stain blocking and adhesion of topcoat.
  • Using a high-quality stain hindering primer, the whole area must be fully painted.
  • As most of the chalkboard paints are water based, for which a high-quality latex primer with inside stain blocking will work better.



Step 3 – Guide to Painting:

  • Always use the highest quality of chalkboard painting colors of your suitable choice, for application manufacturer recommended (either foam brush, nylon brush or roller). Just Two coatings will be enough to get the most lasting texture.
  • Most latex paints need a week time to be fully set to be used. It is also suggested to ‘Prepare’ the chalkboard by slightly rubbing chalk in the horizontal position over the whole area, and then wash the area with a moist piece of cloth The chalkboard will be then used for years.
  • You can also mark the chalkboard, by stenciling the outside border of your chalkboard with your name, themes, numbers or letters. Must use those colors that contrast or complement with your room’s color outline.