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Create a Faux Stone Look

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Original paints that give the artistic and advance paint designs are accessible today for any homeowner that would like to decorate with some textured finishing. They can be found at a major shopping center or large paint franchises. With some professional painting skills, paints such as Venetian Plaster and Granite can be used for such purpose.

If you are looking for more important artistic look following are given some ideas for your home. It is better to start with practice on a small surface and then work on the main surface to bet best results.

People of passionate ‘artists’ skills will find stone faux appearance as vintage and wonderful.

Things you require:

  • A Base coat paint
  • A Rag
  • Some Paint/ as in glaze mixture
  • A Pencil or a chalk
  • An Artist’s paint brush
  • A roller and brush


Follow the given steps:

Step no 1

Start by cleaning the area, eradicating mold, washing properly and Drying the area fully. You can visit our section of Prep, Prime and Paint to get more information for starting this technique.

Step no 2

Working with a model of stone you can get the contrived natural colored look you desire; do choose you to base coat paint color low sheen texture or in eggshell. The wall you will be working on, paint two coats with roller, use high-quality paint and let each coat dry as recommended by the manufacturer

Step no 3

Use a wrinkled paper or rag and paint the glaze mixture (2 parts pf latex glaze and 1 part of latex paint) as of your model you have selected, and dab the mixture on the wall for the needed texture. Keep doing the process to cover the whole area and give it time to dry fully.

Step no 4

You can trace actual stone parts on the foam or cardboard board to get ‘stone block’ patterns, or you can design it with hand. Cut some design but in different shapes and sizes and keep sizes in proportion on the surface you will paint them. Design the stone blocks on the wall using chalk or pencil just lightly that it will help you get the sketchy look.

Step no 5

Outline the stone blocks with the help of artist’s paint brush and use colors with earth tone as of the design of the stones you selected to paint. Painting and blending different sort of earth tones shades will give you more realistic and rustic look.

And for fashioning a Marble Stone Design, see the article about Marbling.