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The beautiful style you achieve by using dragging method is the topcoat color with the effect of the basecoat colors showing some shade. To achieve the best results dragging method should be done on a smooth area such as on six piece doors. Therefore a good smooth surface is important for a good finish.

If you are focusing on doing this method on doors, do keep it mind that they are regularly used so use good quality latex gloss color paint. This will be a good choice but with the perfect finish this paint gives strong smell and takes time for drying.

Things to use:

  • Wood filler and sandpaper (if there is cracking)
  • Top coat paint
  • Base coat paint
  • Dragging brush (or long-haired paint brush)
  • Glaze


Steps to follow:

Step # 1:

Start with filling the cracks, brush off and clean the door.

Step # 2:

Apply two coating of base paint, let it dry between these two coats.

Step # 3:

Make the topmost coat thin by adding one part glaze with one-part paint for which bright shades are the best. Remember to use oil based glaze if you are working with alkyd based paints and latex glaze for latex based paints

Step # 4:

Use A Dragging brush (or a furry brush), put a thin base of colored topcoat. Apply vertical paint coats work by moving the brush in the top to bottom way, with even and normal pressure and making the strokes parallel.

Step # 5:

Work with free hand movement and grasp the brush firmly for this method to evade noticeable brush strokes from that shows the starting of dragging.