Easy DIY Decor Projects That Anyone Can Do Brighto Paints

Easy DIY Decor Projects That Anyone Can Do

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Does the process of reupholstering a chair make you to panic? Forget your fear, because you’re in the right place to increase your DIY knowledge. These easy yet striking decor projects with five steps or less will be beneficial, and the results will leave guests gasping.

Half-Table as Console

The flea markets/bazaars are an ideal place to start your way to crafting a console table with simple steps; even a DIY beginner can do it. For the console’s construction, it is important that a 2-by-2-inch strip of wood nailed to the wall at tabletop height; that will bear the weight of the half table and keep it managed.


Classy Garden-Print Tabletop

Just as simple as the paint-by-numbers project, this stylistically stenciled table top design involves only a firm hand, sponges, a floral stencil kit, drafting tape and acrylic paint to make the illusion of an elegantly developing interior. Start with a latex-painted table, and select a paint palette that matches the surface’s hue.


Cute Storage Table

If the Easter Bunny left an extra basket that is only covering in the dust on your shelf, use the container to domestic and orderly usage in your room. By painting the basket with your favorite colors, a neutral shade and locking casters to supports and hold underneath the basket, you can make a portable storage solution with a charming, rustic artistic in three simple and easy steps.



Stepladder Decor

If you are confused particularly for making Stepladder Bed Stand, you will find yourselves doing it in this simple one-step project. Retrieve a vintage wooden ladder by placing books, floral arrangements, and framed pictures on each stair to make an industrial bedside table.


Benches Turned to a Bookcase

The only thing required to create an innovative and systematized bookcase are wooden benches, wood screws, and a screwdriver. Coat or dip benches in latex semi-gloss paint before stacking to match with the style of your home.