رنگ مسدود کردن رنگ

رنگ مسدود کردن رنگ

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Transforming your room with Color Paint blocking for an amazing effect is a great idea for the change. The technique includes paint of at least three colors but can also be done with several colors that are painted in many blocked size shape on your room wall. The interesting effect of this design is very eye catching therefore its preferable to be done on one wall of the room with accessorizing it by putting a sofa in front.

Things that are essential:

  • A Pencil
  • A Level
  • Tape used in Painting patterns
  • brush and roller for paint
  • and Selection of paints


Steps to Follow:

Step no 1:

Decide the design by making its copies on the paper as a practice, which later can be used for selecting the color arrangement you want. you need a geometric effect such as different sizes of rectangles and squares but the dimension must be in balance to give a perfect visual arrangement. Once you have drawn a perfect style on paper, copy the same on the wall, outline with pencil and fill with paints.

Step 2:

Choosing the Correct Colors: Selecting color paints for this type of creativity is fun, however one must follow some steps to complete the perfect style and pattern:

Colors can be of same card, but they must vary in intensities, which will pull the monochromatic and sophisticated effect of room. If you want delicacy, select colors which are opposite to on another on the color wheel.

Create a dramatic look by combining Two or more harmonious shades and one accent shade of white or black.

Complementary shades opposite to each other in the color card such as violet and yellow will be perfect to get playful and fun look.

Color wheel shows the best colors for the opposite shade in a way that it does not only enhances the effect but also gives the best combination for different styles. Using colors that have the same intensity, infusion or value, by selecting colors of the same position on many color wheels is the feeling of achieving the balanced finish.

Using colors that contains fluctuating intensities need lot of practice and experiment on the design. There is difference between getting the finish you want therefore it is important to adjust the tones of the colors you use by combining the effect you want, such as colors that shows more of a brighter effect will be best if you are looking for a bold style, whereas lighter colors must be your choice for a smoother and soft look. While practices the shading and combination of colors make sure to remember that on small paper does not fully cover the whole effect the intensity of colors will enhance one they are painted on the big wall.

Step no 3:

When you have decided the style or pattern and the shading scheme just start by drawing the blocks on the wall, outline it lightly using pencil and then level.

Step no 4:

Remove off the line by using Painter’s tape and paint it with your selected colors.