Harlequin Style Effect

Harlequin Style Effect

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Harlequin Style has been the design of history back from many centuries. This design is still very much in fashion and perfects to get the dramatic and fashionable look for the room.

What you need:

  • Paints of Two different colors but same texture
  • Some Painter’s tape
  • Paint roller and brush


Instruction to follow:


Step no 1:

Harlequin effect is done using paint of only two shades. odessa.natashaescort.com. Start by painting wall with low and lighter sheen shade and dry it properly.

Step no 2:

If you want the diamond effect, you need to design the tape on the wall in a diamond shape, or you can cut the shape and sketch the design on the wall. The size of diamond shape can be determined by the length and width of your wall, whereas the common diamond shape height must be twice its width.

Diamonds must trace along with the width that can make the border of the room. Or else you can make one side of the wall as a central point with diamonds designed both vertically and horizontally.

Step no 3:

Coat “diamond” patterns darker than two shades. Polish of second shade must be same as that of the base layers. This design can give a bold effect if the selected colors are matching or it will give subtle effect with the monochromatic color scheme.