Interior Wall Color Selection In 4 Easy Steps

Interior Wall Color Selection In 4 Easy Steps

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Visualizing and Understanding

Visualize your room, now think of what sort of message do you want to convey about that room. Colors and shades have a huge impact on what sort of message or feel a room is meant to deliver. Like, it is a children’s room you would go with cute soft colors to convey the innocence of a child, however, if it is an adult’s room you would choose bold colors to imply vibes of confidence.

Contrasts and Compliments

Painting is not a one color shade job you need to opt for other shades to complement and add value to your choice. To understand the mix and match of shades you can use a color wheel. This will help you understand different shades of a color and what goes best with your
choice of paint color.

Developing The Paint Plan

This is the part where you get to actually use your choice of shades, more like a test run. Sit in your room and put the colors that you have selected in front of you and plan where each shade will belong to. Decide your dominant/main wall and its color and then your complimentary walls. This way you will understand your flow better.

You can do a little sampling of paints of different walls and observe the colors in different lights for some days. This will help you in getting to know the color texture in various lights of a typical day, this way you would have a much clearer picture of your color scheme.

Final Run

Now that you are done with planning and developing it is time to begin the show. Clear up the space and get ready to start the paint job. For first-timers, it is always an experiment, it is okay if things do not turn out exactly as you have planned. Once you get your hands on the painting game you can always go for a redo, and why not, you are an expert now!