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3 Easy Steps To Master Paint Roller Techniques

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Painting your walls is a fun activity, learn how to use a paint roller tool by following these three easy steps:

First Step

Top to bottom is the way. Dip your roller in the paint as much that paint covers the roller. Make sure it is just cover and not dripping with extra paint. Begin from top of your wall so that paint droplets fall on the rough area.

Second Step

Your roller should be moist and well dipped in paint all the time. Crinkly sound will help you identify this, if you hear it you are good to go. It is best to divide your complete wall into portions of small areas. Doing so will make the paint job easy for you and anyone else helping you.

Third Step

Maintain a straight up and down movement. Paint in straight lines, rather doing a crazy zigzag flow. Keep this flow throughout the paint surface to get even tone color all along. To get best results of your paint, it is advised to do two coats of paint and for darker tones you might need to go for more coats.

Adopt these three simple steps and you can easily accomplish a well done job.