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4 Steps To A Perfect Paint Patching Job

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For every job there are few thing that you need to have to make it a job well done. Similarly for a perfect paint patching job here are few thing you would need:

  • Cleaning agent (a detergent/soap)
  • Repair solution (if needed)
  • Paint
  • Paint tools (brushes of different sizes)
  • Water
  • Sponge/ cleaning cloth
  • Primer (for interior)
  • Sandpaper
  • Gloves
  • Fixture paste (spackling paste)

Neat and clean

Before you start your work it is important to create the required environment. If you are indoor, open all the windows for good cross ventilation. Clean the damaged surface with a cloth, dust off all the dirt particles. Create a detergent mix with water and clean the area.

Fixture of wall

Use a wall fixture (spackling paste) for repairing all/any holes and damaged areas of the wall. Before applying paint it is important to make such repair prior to applying paint so that you get an even look.

Paint and Prime

For a lasting and perfect paint job, it is important to apply a base layer of prime to the area. Once it dried out you can now begin your paint job.

Let’s begin the paint. It is best to use exactly the same color for patching as the existing color of the wall. If you do not have the same paint at home, you can buy it but make sure the color, the texture and the quality is exactly same the one already on the wall. Brighto paints will provide you complete assistance and consultation.

Keep your strokes similar too. To blend your patch, overlap the new patch with existing paint on the wall, this way the new patch won’t stand out.


Once you are done with your patch, examine it from different views and in different lights. Make sure you covered it all and nothing is left.