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Cleaning Up

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The Cleaning Process

To avoid the cleaning job of brushes and the rollers you are using for alkyd paint, you have to follow the following step:

  • Wrap the rollers and brushes using aluminum foil. Using aluminum foil will prevent the evaporation process overnight.

This is how you can avoid an extra task in the middle of your painting job.

Done Painting?

Time to follow the cleaning process!

  • Avoid standing the brushes on their ends as the bristles will bend and you will have a spoiled brush. So, store them flat or place them on their handles.
  • Just don’t forget to wipe the rim of paint bucket/can to reseal it properly. It should be airtight so, replace the lid, if needed. You can place any heavy block over the top cover or simply hammer it to close the lid completely. Use airtight seal that will be helping in prevent skinning.

Learn to Handle Paint and other Chemicals

  • Don’t overbuy paint. In case, there is a need to store it, keep it out of the reach of kids.
  • You can reuse the white spirit after use. All you have to do is to allow it to stand for some time; sediment will fall at the bottom of the container. Now, you can pour off the clean spirit and reuse it whenever needed.
  • You must know the fact that disposing spirit and other painting chemicals down the drain can contaminate the water supply. So, it’s a NO NO to this method!

Health and Safety Concerns:

You have to be careful about the harmful side of “safe to use” products even. If the chemicals are incorrectly used, they might cause a harm so, don’t forget to know about the precautions and warnings.

  • You must begin your work by reading the instructions and labels of paints and other related chemicals.
  • Don’t forget your gloves and eye protection while painting or decorating.
  • The face mask is a must if you want to avoid inhaling dust.
  • Choose well-ventilated areas for applying solvent-based paints. You must ensure ventilation for the application process as well as for drying.
  • Choose Water-Based paints for large surfaces such as walls and ceilings.
  • Be careful while preparing the surfaces of pre-1960s paint as you might face troubles because of harmful lead present there.