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Exterior Wall- Repaint and Maintain

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Exterior walls with paint require a certain focus for maintenance. It requires a certain set of precautions and tool, so before you start make sure you are prepared. For long lasting results and impressive texture, it is important to prepare the surface properly.

preparation advice

Preparation and Necessary Tools

  • It is always best to start by cleaning the surface properly, wash off all the dirt first. Even though this would come to you like a big challenge to wash all of your exterior but it is very critical to be done. Wash and dry before you begin.
  • Scrape off all the rough paint, make the surface smooth and even. The wire brush must not be used as the small pieces of wire may remain on the wall. Wash all moss, lichens, and mould with the help of fungicidal cleaner. Fix all broken edges or cracks, prior to applying the new coat.
  • Use Brighto Primer before applying paint on new and sound surface. This will result in a perfect finished look. If the wall is dusty powdery after preparation, using Brighto Primer before paint will give in the essential moisture it requires.


Painting advice

For those who are painting the walls for the first time, make sure to take your time and choose what’s best. Paint requires thorough maintenance, changing paint every now and then is an expensive task. The only way to do it is through Professional blast cleaning. Some surfaces such as common bricks and Fletton are difficult to be painted. Best is to consult a professional.

  • Scraping Paint: do not scrape off existing paint if it is in good condition. This act should only be performed if the prior paint has reached its limit. Starting fresh is much more time-consuming.
  • If the paint the existing paint is no good at all, use a paint stripper. This will make your job less difficult.