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Humid Wall

The main reason paints start to peel or fall off way before time is due to high levels of moisture in it. According to a research a wall should not contain more than 14% dampness in it, this can be examined through the moisture/humid meter.


Extra layers of Paint

While painting you need to read the paint’s manual about how many layers are advised. Sometimes due to over efficiency, f we add extra layers of paint it can result in tearing off. Paints have to withhold the highs and lows of temperature and its flexibility to do so can be compromised if extra coats are applied. In this case, if paint tears off you have to redo the whole wall by stripping off existing paint.


Salt deposits

This type of moisture deposit is usually found when the area of paint is constantly exposed to water from within the walls. Whenever there is a leakage of pipes with the walls, the area of leakage and area to which water is flowing gets water mineral deposits to the surface. The best treatment is to first find and fix the water leakage, wait for the area to dry and then apply a fresh layer of paint.