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Health & Safety

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Threshold Limit Value

The degree or level at which exposure to chemicals and solvents is safe is referred to as the Threshold Limit Value (TLV). This varies from one substance to the other like the TLV is 100 parts per million for substances such as paint thinners (mineral spirits). According to estimations, the existence of chemicals like solvents can be reduced to approximately 30 ppm only if the brush is used for trim. Moreover, the concentration level can be made to 3.5 times the safety level, i.e. 350 ppm with the use of a roller for ceilings or walls. Only protection and cautions can help with concentration, making room ventilated will only make the paint dry quicker. Precautions: often replace the cartridges and wear a filter mask.

Lacquers & Epoxy Paints

Rooms or the paint area must have ventilated properly if while using lacquers and epoxy paints. Small sparks, heaters, pilot light or even burned cigarette presence can cause fire burst as these substances are highly flammable. Moreover, direct contact with these substances can cause serious health hazards.

Soak Your Rags

During paint jobs we dip our rags or cleaning towels in spirit (paint thinners) to wipe stains, these rags should be washed or dried out properly in open space, once they are clean place them in airtight containers (only metal). SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION AND FIRE can be caused easily if proper disposal measures are not undertaken for soaked clothes.