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Tio2 Dependency

The thickness at which the paint product is applied and the volume of titanium dioxide dye in a paint product are the two things on which hiding of paint products depends. For sheen or low-gloss products, this is not the case, as hiding gets great support from filler colors used after the paint dries.




Major Color Modification

A surface doesn’t need to be primed in advance of the application of the first coat, if there is a major color adjustment, like going light from dark, this is a common misconception. Superior hiding of primer is found in light colors, such as white base or medium tint bases

Deep color hiding improvements

The use of finished coats just like a primer on drywall latex product, or use of a tinted primer, is the best solution for improving hiding in clean-base deep colors. Do not exceed 4 oz. while opting for tinting a primer. To make a perfect primer to be used on semi-gloss or eggshell alkyd dried walls, opt for semi-gloss or eggshell latex. The layers of hiding coats can be reduced if get an exact match for your color is found.