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Is it possible to get painting implements really clean after use?

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Use and Reuse: Painting equipment cleaning tips

We all like a little preservation tip when it is about keep our painting implements safe. Cleanliness is a must, wash your brushes thoroughly and keep them in storage only after they are dried out. Methods of cleaning your painting implements depend upon how they have been used.

Let’s say your equipment had activity with water base paints, after such usage it is advised wipe them with cold water at first and then properly wash them with warm water plus detergent.

The cleaning method would be a little different if your brushes have been involved in a solvent base paint job. In such activity, it is best to wipe your brushes with suitable solvents before you wash them properly. Once you have wiped them; thoroughly wash with a solution of warm water and detergent, keep the soap ratio low.

Make sure to rinse your equipment with clean water before keeping them to be dried out. Dry brushes with the help of paper towels wrapped around them, so that all excess water gets sucked out. Store your brushes in a flat position and roller in hanging or standing position. Before storing your equipment make sure they are fully dried out. Your painting implements are as good as new and ready to be back at work.