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The Sealing Process of Paint

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Alkyd Paint Vs Latex

It can take substantial time for alkyd or latex paint to completely dry, once applied. Mainly, Latex paints take an hour to be touchable dry and four hours to be dry enough for the next coat, whereas it can be three weeks for proper dry out of paint and result. For the paint to be resistant to water to maximum levels, the solvent has to be fully evaporated. Sixteen hours is the maximum time required for Alkyd paints to be fully dried out and about 3-4 weeks for maximum resistance.


Alkyd Paint

These paints are very poorly resistant to alkali. On the wet surface of concrete, the alkalinity is very high. This causes poor adhesion as the alkali makes resin system sticky and soft (saponification) through it hardness. Such reaction mostly happens on the concrete floor due to all the moisture in it. In such cases, it is best to remove it before recoating.


Alkyd Sanding Sealers

To create easy to stand coating, Alkyd Sanding Sealers is best preferred. Sanding becomes necessary for wood because the solvents raise the grains of wood. For wood stain or on new wood it is highly recommend to use Sanding sealers. This should only be used with alkyd varnishes because when polyurethane interact with sanding material, they can cause cracking of the polyurethane from the sealer.