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Top 4 Paint Preparation

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1. Clean and smooth

Your paint area may seem clean but its best to dust it off. Clean the paint area properly, you can use old brushes to clean deep and narrow places. Moreover, your painting equipment also needs to be cleaned properly. Painting tools, even though put away properly can get dust on them, so wash your brushes, rollers and plates. Dry the tools properly before bringing them to use. New tools also need the same treatment

If you are painting around the textured or rough surface, use the putty knife to smooth the edges. It is best to smooth them with a masking tape. Most new painting tools have fuzz all over them, the masking tape can help you get rid of that.


2. Keep it clean

Painting is a very messy job, you never intend to but many things around you can get paint on them. Before starting its best to cover the floor with newspaper or rugs. Remove extra furniture from the room and free-up some space for you to move around freely.

You can also tape the borders of the wall or other narrow areas to save them from paint. You can use a putty knife to smooth the tape around. Doors and windows need to be covered as well, so do not forget them at all.

3. Tips and tricks

Keep a paint remover with yourself to help you clean the accidental paint off things. Keep waste bin near as well, so that your clean up job is reduced. You can make your paint roller paint movement easy by lubricating it before usage.

4. Job done

Once you are done, clean it all. Wash your painting tools properly with water and detergent and dry it before storing it. Keep your equipment in airtight containers to protect them from getting worse.