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Usage And Maintenance Of Your Paint Roller

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1. Tools and equipment

Here are few things that you would need:

  • Paint Roller
  • Roller scraper
  • Extension pole of 1.2 meters. This will help you get to higher areas easily.
  • Roller cover. It is a plate to hold paint substance.
  • A Bucket. A paint plate is not the most effective tool for using over larger areas.
  • Paint color of your choice

2. Start your paint job

The best way to start your paint job is to go around the corners. Paint the corners first, go all around the corners, create a border. This will define your inner area. Moreover, it is best to leave few inches from this border within the inner area and then start your strokes. About 2 inches from bottom and the same ration from sides.

3. Strokes and flow

Start from top and bring your roller all the way to bottom. Keep straight lines, overlapping over each and other. Make sure you’re your paint tool is well moist with paint all times, if it goes dry the paint tone will be in patches and will differ. It is best to do in one go, take small breaks but do not let one side dry or else it would be a clear difference in tone.

3. Touch up

For this don’t dip the roller again in paint, just scroll the existing paint over the surface giving it a touch up and even tone. Cover as much brush marks you can, creating a smooth surface. Go from ceiling to bottom. This will fill in the missing gaps and give to the result you want.


This is the most important step. You need to clean your tools properly so that it can be used in future as well. Use the roller scraper to scrap off all the paint from the tools. Wash the tools properly with detergent and store them in airtight containers after drying them.