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What should be the paint color combination in my room?

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When painting it is best to go through few designs to understand latest happenings. You may not want to use them, but they could help you get a new idea. Paint job is very tricky and to understand your combinations of colors and segments here are few pointers to consider:

  • If you have a small room, to give it a depth look it is best to keep one color. If you define different colors the area will seem small, whereas keeping same color will make all walls blend together. This is best for small room and might not work for larger ones.
  • For older, vintage look one can opt for light colors. But the best practice is of using crown/false molding. You can paint it in the similar shade as the roof or you can keep it simple white. This gives a chic, sophisticated look to your room.
  • The modern look however goes by keeping it similar. You can paint the whole room in same tone yet get a standing out look. In this you can choose one color and then create light dark tones. Like ovary white and light grey.