Paint Clouds on ceiling and walls

Paint Clouds on ceiling and walls

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The attractive and fun style of painting clouds in your room is never out of fashion, especially for kids it will be much more fun place to play.

Stuff you require for this style:

  • High quality satin form and in sky blue color or interior of little sheen
  • High form of interior in white latex color (satin or semi-shine)
  • Some Latex glaze
  • And some Cotton rags


Steps to follow:

Step no 1:

Coat your room ceiling using high brand interior with low sheen or with satin form of latex paint (sky blue color). Flat paint is not the one we will suggest. If you want a three dimensional look all you need to do is to bring the same blue paint on to the walls from the sides.

Step no 2:

make sure you let the paint (blue color) dry properly.

Step no 3:

Fix the areas you want to paint your clouds on also on the wall if you are willing to paint on them as well. Just mark it will chalk for get better idea about your design.

Step no 4:


to get the perfect glaze for cloud mix 3 parts of latex glaze and add 1 part of paint in white color in it.

Step no 5:

apply the glaze on the cloud area using some cotton rag this is rolled up. Working with rag will make you control the quantity of paint you are using. Realistic look can be achieved with cloud design by making clouds light from the edges and heavy in the center.

Step no 6:

for more perfect and colorful look give a touch of purple yellow of pink glaze in some areas only after the design of clouds in fully dry as off after 24 hours’ maximum, and use glaze form same as that you used white glaze for clouds.