Paint- Encyclopedia

Paint- Encyclopedia

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Ever happened to you when you get into a workshop or place all cheerful and glad. But the minute you step into the shop or certain place your eyes get itchy, and you cannot help this feeling. Besides, you might get difficulty in breathing, and the only thought in your mind at that fourth dimension is to escape this state. You feel claustrophobic, you are no more in the mood for shopping or to do anything all you need is to rush into some clear space and get fresh air. You do not want this to happen to you at your home. The reason behind this uncertain situation is the pigment used in the shop or places. Because there are some ingredients in paint that causes this discomfort that is why it is suggested to select paint carefully.

For this, you need to take in the basic understanding of paint. Because it is not possible without knowledge, you will get the right thing not only this you should also have a complete understanding of the paint, different types of paint, what paint finish is best for what place. Obviously, you do not want to drop your hard earned money on something that seems like a complete disaster not only this also the hard work, time and effort you put into this are wasted. Spending your money on paint is not the decision to make, spending the money on right paint is the smartest decision you have to take. In your house you have kids, and you cannot afford the luxury to put their health at risk. Because the ingredients in paints are volatile and not only that, they release gases that are not environmentally friendly and play a crucial role in ozone depletion. One cause for the rising number of asthmatic patients is that they inhale such aerosols. When you purchase paint, then keep these necessary details in mind.



Choose between water based and solvent base

In the water based the binder is water. These paints do not release harmful substances, are cheap and can be handled easily, are crack resistant, durable and do not get pale for a limited time. Whereas in solvent based the solvent is ether. This paint is more durable and gives long lasting, high gloss finish. Also! It is crack resistant, and because of the silky or acrylic nature, it is easy to apply and do not fade quickly. The other name for this paint is acrylic emission or oil based paint.


Choose between finishes

You have to choose between the four main finishes depending upon the surface which you want to paint. Because for walls, the acrylic finish is recommended. The four main finishes are eggshell, gloss, semi-gloss, and matt. All these finishes are available in both types of paint. The difference between the fishes in the sheen which affects the durability of the paint. The general rule is higher the sheen higher the shine and more durability.

The third thing is to look for the Eco-friendly logo on the containers. All the information is on the paint container. So read carefully and choose wisely.