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The sleek, luminous finish of shimmering metal

  • PG-0601

  • PG-0602

  • PG-0603

  • PG-0604

  • PG-0605

  • PG-0606

  • PG-0607

  • PG-0608

  • PG-0609

  • PG-0610

  • PG-0611

  • PG-0612

  • PG-0613

  • PS-0614

  • PS-0615

  • PS-0616

  • PS-0617

  • PS-0618

  • PS-0619

  • PS-0620

  • PS-0621

  • PS-0622

  • PS-0623

  • PS-0624

  • PS-0625

  • PS-0626

  • Pure-Perlata-Gold

  • Pure-Perlata-Silver

Perlata is a high quality decorative coating based on acrylic copolymers in aqueous emulsion and special additives. It can be applied with a brush, spatula or trowel, each providing a unique texture and finish also subtle tonal variations to the coating. Perlata is a versatile, decorative and elegant product that can be applied to infinite combination of colors to transform a normal environment to an exquisite, high class setting. Perlata is the epitome of luxury and grandness. Transform your life from normal to majestic; let your walls and other surfaces adorn the most grandiose of all colors.

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