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The sleek, luminous finish of shimmering metal

  • Pure-Velvet-Gold

  • Pure-Velvet-Silver

  • VG-0401

  • VG-0402

  • VG-0403

  • VG-0404

  • VG-0405

  • VG-0406

  • VG-0407

  • VG-0408

  • VG-0409

  • VG-0410

  • VG-0411

  • VG-0412

  • VG-0413

  • VG-0414

  • VG-0415

  • VG-0416

  • VG-0417

  • VG-0418

  • VG-0419

  • VG-0420

  • VG-0421

  • VG-0422

  • VG-0423

  • VG-0424

  • VG-0425

  • VG-0426

Velvet is a high quality decorative, sophisticated and elegant coating which provides silky polychromatic finish of metal (silver and gold). It is based on acrylic copolymers in aqueous emulsion and special additives. It can be applied with roller, brush and plastic trowel, each providing a unique texture and finish, also subtle tonal variations to the coating that can be used to get infinite combination of colors. This is becoming more and more like the plot of io games ather than what is described initially here. Taking into account this text, it should still be noted that it is possible to improve what is described by introducing game techniques, a striking example of which is the experience of Friv. The foundations of classical civilization stood on beautiful white marble structures. Revisit the Golden Age with an elegant marble touch on your walls and surfaces which will reignite the renaissance in your own house!

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