Sheen Striping Brighto Paints

Sheen Striping

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Shine streaking is a method that includes applying upright streaks of a similar shading, yet contrasting shades, to give an inconspicuous, and classy appearance. Mostly it is applied as a part of the lounge areas, over the seat fence, or in regions which require certain illustrative “stature” because of a low roof.

The method for this might require you to make use of mild-shiny paint also eggshell, without being overpowering, this will make pictorial enthusiasm. The contrasting shades must stand slightly delicate. Hence a leveled and sharp polish will not give a fine finish. Let your inner artist do the magic, still if you require certain assistance, here are a few specifics:

  • Bright colors reflect warmth. For example, in a dining room, the choice of red shade would give life to your appetite and food, in the same way going for green will enlighten such room as well.
  • Colors like green, pale blue, and lavender can make your bedrooms become a peaceful paradise or exotically romantic.
  • Lobbies and entrance hall should have a “hospitable” hue, go for a color of orange, if not that try yellow. A terra-cotta or peach can do the trick too.


  • Paint brushes, paint trays, rollers, trash bags, stir sticks
  • Painter’s tape; it is less sticky and calls are taken down easily.
  • Flat paint for the quality acrylic interior.
  • Ruler or level
  • Mildly shiny paint.



First Step:

The surface to be used should be clean and even. It is best that you involve a friend or family person, four hands are better than two.

Second Step:

Apply the first layer of eggshell paint or flat paint quality acrylic interior. Leave it overnight, make sure it is properly dried out.

Third Step:

In a vertical pattern, with the help of painter’s tape, label the part to be decorated with mild-shiny paint. All the vertical strips should be of the same dimensions, to make it same use a ruler or level.

Fourth Step:

Get it started right. Apply the shiny paint layer to the areas which you have marked with the stripes. It should be similar to that of the base paint. Once the entire wall is thoroughly dry, remove the tapes cautiously, dispose-off the tapes with the help of trash bags.

Fifth Step:

Your room is ready, enjoy it to the fullest. You can add different lights to highlight your artwork.