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Sponging technique

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Things to Collect:

  • Basecoat paint
  • glaze or wash
  • A roller and Painting brush
  • And a Sea sponge


Step no 1

Paint Sponging technique is simple and quick, where you start from applying solid basecoat paint.

Step no 2

when basecoat is fully dried apply glaze or wash on the basecoat using a dulled sponge to make mottled design. You can layer up this application but make sure you give it time to dry before applying another layer.

Step no 3

you can get Sponging Off style by coating an even coat of glaze on the solid wall base using a roller or brush a brush. As the glaze about to dry remove some of it with a sponge that it shows undercoating surface. For this technique you must work with a natural sea sponge rather than using a household synthetic type for more natural finishing and texture.

If you are new try with some natural shades as grey or beige, or some similar kind of shades with mix and match of colors to get toned on toned matching effect. Usually light colors are applied on dark shades to make more depth you you can do opposite for better texture and definition.