Style with Marbles

Style with Marbles

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Finishing of Marbling can be different with the amount of marbles you are designing with. Having a slight idea about the end results by examine the design and texture of the sample will definitely change your point of view. Selecting the top and base coat to get the needed design and texture of marble is very important.

Thing you require for styling white marbles

  • White paint for basecoat
  • Raw colored sienna
  • White colored spirit
  • Some Acrylic mixture of latex glaze (For latex paint)
  • An Artist brush
  • A roller and a Paint brush
  • Piece of Small fabric


Steps to perform the procedure:

Follows the given steps for the procedure

Step # 1

Fix the area by cleaning, filling imperfections, sanding and later removing all remains

Step # 2

Apply white basecoat twice and let it dry completely between each coat. Sex video chat is like an anonymous community that has managed to gather in itself, and unite people who think in the same plane, and want the same thing. Namely, to use live sex cam to find a partner, and to satisfy mutual fantasies with him. Lovely responsive girls are happy to discuss with you any of your ideas and comfort you in all possible ways – in a bad mood to leave our site you will not succeed!. Mix a tablespoon of oil glaze and white spirit with some raw colored sienna. If you are using latex paint, combine some sienna color with some acrylic glaze latex and spread it carefully using an artist paint brush.

Step # 3

Wipe some of the wet coating from different areas using piece of small cloth and get the dark and light effect.

Step # 4

if you want veins effect of marbles, work with artistic paint brush with thin bristles and apply glazed sienna in the form of lines, changing thickness to get perfect effect.