Technique of Ragging

Technique of Ragging

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To get the dramatic style effect such as brocade, parchment, crushed velvet, chamois leather or watered silk ragging is the best technique to get done.


What you need:

  • Base paint of solid color
  • Coating mixture
  • Some pieces of cloth


Follow the steps:

Step no 1

start by applying solid base color and let it dry properly. Get the ragging on design by fist dipping the crumpled fabric in glaze and blotting it on the selected wall, where ragging off is removing glaze coating and showing undercoated surface.

Step no 2

Get Rag rolling on method by rolling the piece of cloth in somewhat sausage shape with different tightness. Dip the roller in glaze lightly and roll over base coat

Step no 3

Get rag rolling off style by rolling a little damp cloth in the wet coating glaze to get the undercoating to show.

Different sort of cloths will give different type of effects. However, the most used ones are burlap, linen and lace, you can use all type of natural material clean cloths. This technique is also suitable for layering of glaze but every layer must be dried properly.