Textured And Stylish Shades

Textured And Stylish Shades

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Getting a fancy paint wall is not only a professional designer’s job. With Brighto paint decorative and textured collection, you can get the professional finish on your own. You can create your own artistic room and can go with a customized look as well.

  • Stenciling
  • Rag Rolling
  • Sponging


Above mentioned are some of the ideal and mostly used textured finishing. The basic steps to prepare your wall for such finishing will be explained here. Firstly, you would need to a coat of opaque tint as base and then go on with your choice of textured paint. Make sure to follow a consistent flow of layers.

When selecting your paints, make sure your choice one type for the whole process. Both solvent and latex shades can be of use but only one type needs to be selected. If you are looking for easy to clean, latex is your best choice.