The Power Of Colors To Fight The Covid Pandemic Brighto Paints

The Power Of Colors To Fight The Covid Pandemic

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The majority of people are stuck at home during the Covide-19 pandemic due to the quarantine situation. Many businessmen and non-essential office workers are given the orders to work from home. Other than this, other non-workers cannot leave their house and enjoy their lives as before. So, one is left with the only choice to live in their home. This can cause stress and anxiety to some people and this year is chaotic for them.




Colors are Mood Shifter:

Just like some other stuff, the way of seeing colours of most of the people has changed. Colors of the walls are one of those things that you see everyday. These colors have a major effect on your mood as their power directly influences one’s soul. So, one should select the colors that might relax you and bring calmness to your mood. Colors make your mind pure and thoughtful, so it is good for those who are studying or working from home.

Choose them Wisely:

Whether it is harmony blue, enthusiastic yellow or optimistic green, you should choose a color that does not bore you whenever you look on the wall. The color should soothe you emotionally, mentally as well as physically. Some colors are not chosen by people in the pandemic situation because of their effects on the mood.

Bad decisions for Color in current situation:

Red is an alarming color that is why it can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Stark white can create a clinical atmosphere in the home that can lead to some negative thoughts. Neon is trendy nowadays, but it can cause a headache in small spaces such as rooms. It can be oppressive if the entire room is black. So, these few colors are avoided in the COVID-19 pandemic.



Colors for feeling Calm & Refreshing:

Instead of these colors, most of the people prefer lavender, cream, jewel tones, seafoam or charcoal shades. Light and bright colours are the priority as they spread calmness and peace rather than dark and irritating colors that are associated with stress and anxiety. Blues are one of the tops most selected colours, as they are organic neutrals.


Life is Colors & Colors are Life:

There is an obvious reason behind the fact that we can see the world full of color instead of black and white. Repainting your home spaces can make you feel that you are not stuck in the same place for years. The new exciting, soothing and cheerful colors can make the same place unfamiliar to you so you may spend your quality time in a good mood and continue with your life without being bothered.