The year 2021 - A Blend of Juicy and Warm Color Palettes Brighto Paints

The year 2021 – A Blend of Juicy and Warm Color Palettes

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After the pandemic year 2020, we all are looking forward to having the comforting and soothing year 2021. Though in many ways our lives have changed a lot and they might not be the same as before but what remains constant is our strive for survival. What the future holds for us is unclear and uncontrollable however, something that we can predict for you all is how to make the year 2021 more colorful.

Where 2020 was all about being bold and strong trends of statement colors like black, green, and greys. And to add hope at the same point bright hues like red, pink, and yellow were seen on festive occasions. But the color palettes for the year 2021 have a unique combo of juicy and warm shades.


The Element of Growth

Even with the chaos of the Covid19 pandemic, we did get to see an extraordinary positive change in not just the environment but also within people. During the lockdowns, we saw how nature came back to its original state. Waters got clean, the air became clear and the forests restored themselves. People became closer to each other by connecting back, the element of care, and being humble became strong, and we all became a bit more cautious for everyone around us.
This all made the color specialist and designers realize that the best color for the year 2021 needs to represent growth, and what is the way to show that but by a nude ground/earthy shade. It’s not a new shade rather an old one with a new message. It represents a calm growth vibe with the potential for creativity and new changes.


How to Blend it in?

As the base nature of this color is nude it tends to mix well up with all the other color shades quite well. If you are looking for a hip hop look you can use this nude ground shade with soft red or pink colors. In the same way, if you are decorating a baby’s nursery this color is perfect for a gender-neutral look. You can use it as the sideline color along with any other pastel shade.

The nude ground color helps to tone everything else down so if you are thinking of going for a combo of more than 2 shades, it will be a perfect partner. Moreover, you can add furniture of this color rather than using it as a wall paint option only.