Things to Consider Before Painting A Room

Things to Consider Before Painting A Room

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Adding colors to your life is not always the desired change. Sometimes your imagination and reality can be entirely different. The color theme of your room define your personality and your choice a lot, so it is important that before going to what you think is your color, get it tested first.

There are many things you need to consider before you go for a color. The texture, the tone, the amount of light your room gets and many more things. Harder as painting a room is, making the right choice is far more challenging than that. The paint colors you apply can dramatically change the ambiance of the room. Paint colors speak louder than words about your interior.

1- The Action Plan

Before you go for applying a color, make an action plan for it. Prepare your room first, move things a bit, take a picture of the room with a new setting and run it through one of those paint application apps. It will help you visually see how the room will look like with your choice of color.

Observe the amount of sunlight the room gets and how its temperature changes. Colors do not directly affect the room temperature, but they alter the human mind towards feeling temperature.





2- Cleaning the Room

This may seem something you do every day, but we never clean the walls. Wiping them can bring out the actual color of the room. Climate changes and weather conditions create a layer of dirt on the walls which change their original color. Seeing them daily, we get so used to of the color that we forget what the actual texture was.

3- The Holes and the Cracks

Most people think that “the paint” will fix it. Before applying paint fix the damages in your wall. Fix the cracks, leaks, and the holes. This will not only help in using the paint; rather it will also give the wall a new look. Fixing up the old damages will give more beauty and add more to the new color.





4- Think out of the Box

Don’t go for the same old color theme, go for something new. New will highlight your effort and will stand out so that everyone notices it. Sometimes just changing your wall room can lead to many other exciting changes. Like replacing the old furniture or maybe you might move a few things. Going for colors like gray or beige can create new energy in the room.



5- Testing

It is best to test the color. Apply your choice of color in a square on the wall, observe it day and night. See how it looks under different light and if you are satisfied only then go for it. Pre-testing a color gives you the experience of living with it for a while before you apply it and then blame yourself later.



6- Quantity and Quality

How the paint’s quality gonna reflect, depends on the base of the wall. Before applying the final color its best to apply primer. This will make your walls even and give an even color tone on all walls.

Running out of the paint is a common setback, this not only slows the process but also causes other problems. Like the walls might not be symmetric in color tone and texture. It is best to keep some extra paint.

Be very vigilant regarding the application of the final coat of paint, a mistake in this part can change everything. Moreover, also observe the weather forecast, try to get things done when the sun is out.