Transform the Boring Walls into a Creative World with Chalkboard Paint Brighto Paints

Transform the Boring Walls into a Creative World with Chalkboard Paint

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Are you the one who wants his creativity to flow in your space? Let’s do it with chalkboard paint. Transform the boring walls of your space into a giant chalkboard where you can write, draw and express yourself fully without any hesitation. All you need to be careful about 3 things to make it a wonderful mess.

1. Texture of Walls:

Chalkboard paint needs very smooth walls for a perfect finish, but if your walls have textures you would not get the desired look instead, it will be bumpy. So, the first things you should be careful of is the smoothness of base on which you want to apply the coats of chalkboard paint. Go for sandpapers to even out the surfaces.

2. Number of Application Required:

Similar to warm shades being used in colder climate areas, cool shades paint is best if you live in a place with hot climate most of the year. It gives you a calming, relaxed and refreshed feeling, making a tiny room look bigger. A light shade like sky blue, green and purple are most used as cool tone which also reminds water, sky and ice thus giving a soothing effect.

Therefore, cool shades are used in bedrooms and places that are intended to spend time relaxing and unwinding.

3. Time Needed to Dry

Unlike other paints which dry out quickly, this paint is gonna test your patience. It needs 2-3 days to dry. According to good brands, the surface should remain dry for 3-4 days before using. One it’s completely dry, you must prepare the surface for casual use by rubbing chalk all over the surface and wipe it properly with a dry wipe/towel. Once you are done, your surface is ready to do creative work.

Other ideas to enhance the grace of your innovative land with chalkboard paint are:

1.Magnetic Version of Chalkboard:

Let’s do the magic with magnetic primer and turn the simple chalkboard wall into a magnetic chalkboard wall. You will need 3-4 coatings of primer to make the magnetic attraction strong enough.

2. Amazing Chalkboard shades

Grab your favorite shade of chalkboard paint and make your world more creative more colorful. It doesn’t need to be in charcoal shade only.