Understand Paint

Understand Paint

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Water based vs. Solvent based

In broader terms, there are two main types of paints:

  • Solvent based
  • Water based

The solvent based paints, in human language, are known by the names of “alkyd” or “oil-based paints. Their level of organic solvents is much higher as compared to water-based paints. The Strong odor is their primary indicator, and you can smell a fresh layer from a far distance. Even though they give a beautiful finish, they are highly dangerous for the human health, as well as the environment. Due to their potential hazards, strict measures are being made to discourage the use of these paints.

The solvent component is evaporated from these paints on being dry https://erektile-apotheke.de. As the component gets evaporated, it causes direct damage to the atmosphere and creates a toxic environment for the living beings.

For centuries, solvent base paints have been used by the local consumer, but with advancement in technology, things have changed a lot. This progress made the existence of water based paints a reality. Acrylic emulsions or water based paints have taken over the market rapidly, almost 80% of construction paint. Rules have been emplaced to increase their use.

The water based paints are being accepted and used all over the world, and now even in Pakistan. Water based paints offer the following features:

  • Quick Dry Time
  • Less Odor
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Superior Quality